Over Night Guest use one day tour itinerary until 12.00 p.m.
Park entrance ($16.95) and turtle nesting ($43) not included. Please use dark clothes for this tour. Is not allowed more than 30 pounds of luggage per person.

1:00 pm. Once in Tortuguero and after the check in into the rooms, lunch will be served.

2:30 pm. At this time we will take you to the museum and the town of Tortuguero for a walk. ($2 optional).

4:00 pm. Back at the hotel you will have time to relax before dinner, which will be served at 7.00 p.m.

7:00 pm. Delicious dinner.

8:00 pm. After dinner, your tour guide will explain the next optional activity ($35), The Night Tour, which consists on a boat trip through Tortuguero National Park. Then we are going to have a walk on the beach to observe the nesting of the Giant Green Sea Turtle (only from July to October).


5:30 am. Your tour guide will take you by boat to one of the most enchanting sites in the region: Tortuguero National Park, where you will explore the lagoons and hidden canals. There are tree towers nearly 50 meters tall, covered with bromelias, vines and orchids and an array of wildlife can be spotted in the foliage.

7:30 am Back to the hotel for breakfast, including fruits, eggs, juice, toast and fresh brewed costa rican coffee

9:00 am. Hotel check out.

1:00 pm. Lunch on the way (Bed & Breakfast Package does not include lunch).

3:30 pm. Arrive to San José.