Park entrance ($16.95) and turtle nesting ($43) not included.
The Bed and Breakfast package does not include the lunch and dinner.

6.30 am. Driving first past coffee plantations, we'll head into the mountains of BRAULIO CARRILLO NATIONAL PARK, where steep slopes are covered with thick cloud forest and beautiful waterfalls can be seen from the road.

7:45 am. Following breakfast, we´ll continue to a BANANA PLANTATION, where your guide will explain the process of growing and exporting that fruit.

8:30 am. Just after BRAULIO CARRILLO NATIONAL PARK, we´ll stop for a typical Costa Rican breakfast, fruit juice, coffee, eggs and the popular gallo "pinto".

10:00 am. We later abandon our bus and embark on the most exciting part of this tour: the boat trip into the jungle of the Tortuguero National Park. Were we will learn about how nature works and we will get a real feel of our tropical humid rainforest. Covering 29000 hectares. Tortughero is one of the most important nesting sites of Chelonia Midas, the green sea turtle, whereas its forests and waterways are home for endangered mammals such as sloths, monkeys, agoutis, coatimundis and manatees. There are also abundant birds, such as toucans, trogons, egrets, herons and aninghas, as well as crocodiles, turtles and countless colorfull butterflies, including blue morpho.

12:00 pm. Once in Tortuguero and after checking into the rooms lunch will be served.

2:30 pm. At this time we will take you to the museum of Tortuguero and to the town of Tortuguero for a walking tour ($2 optional).

4:00 pm. Back at the hotel, you will have time to relax before dinner, which will be served at 7.00 p.m.

7:00 pm. Dinner.

8:00 pm. After dinner, your tour guide will explain the next optional activity, "the night tour&, which consists of a boat trip to Tortuguero National Park and then walk on the beach to observe the nesting of the Giant Green Sea Turtle (only from July to October).


8:00 am. Breakfast is served including fruits, eggs, juice, toast and fresh brewed Costa Rican coffee.

9:30 am. Tour and walk to the rain forest on the trails at the lodge.

1:00 pm. Lunch (Bed & Breakfast Package does not include lunch).
Free afternoon to relax or walk around the lodge.

2:45 pm. Boat tour inside the national park.

7:00 pm. Dinner.


7:30 am. Breakfast is served including fruits, eggs, juice, toast and fresh brewed Costa Rican coffee.

9:00 am. Check out. Bring your luggage with you to hotel reception desk.

1:00 pm. Lunch on the way (Bed & Breakfast Package does not include lunch).

3:30 pm. Arrival to San José City.